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Obsessive - Bunny Girl Costume

Obsessive - Bunny Girl Costume

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Playful black teddy! The devil is in the details, and in this unique costume it's the details that do the work! Naughty ears, hot suspenders and ultra-feminine stockings create Bunny costume. It’s irresistible! Check it for yourself!

All details:

-amazing Bunny costume

-black, well-fitted teddy – emphasized shapes

-mask with ears – stunning and coquettish

-extremely sexy suspenders with bows

-tempting choker with a bow – frivolous addition

-feminine, black stockings

-costume includes: teddy, mask with ears, choker, suspenders and stockings

-pleasant and elastic Multistretch material (mask: 100% PVC; teddy: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane; choker: 100% polyester; suspenders: 40% metal, 35% polyester, 25% rubber)

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